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How to Wear Scarf Headbands - Photo Gallery

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Scarf headbands are so easy to put on, as you just tie them at the back or side! Below we'll show you modeled pictures of a few of our favorite ideas for wearing these headbands in your hair. Once you start wearing them, you'll realize that the style possibilities are endless!

Different Looks with Stretchy Scarf Headbands:

Wear it over side-swept bangs
so they don't budge, and let
the long headband tails drape
over one shoulder.

Tease your hair at the crown to
create tons of volume, and pull
some bangs and layers through
to frame your face.

Combine it with either a formal
updo or a messy bun,
depending on how fancy or
casual you want to look.

Wrap a long headband around
your head twice then tuck in
the ends for a wide head wrap
that fits you perfectly, while
adding dimension to your hair.

Wear them for a chic look at
the beach with curly, wavy
hair, and for a look that fits right
in with salty, beach waves after
your swim.

Combine it with some loose
waves for a glamorous look
that's perfect for everything
from an outdoor wedding to
an elegant night on the town!

How the Long Headbands Look Down Your Back

The stretchy scarf headbands incredibly versatile and stylish with any length of hair. The longer lengths can be tied as usual OR knotted into a big floppy bow. Here are how the different lengths look, down your back:

Tie the Long Headbands with a Twist in the Front

Our longer stretchy tie back headbands (we recommend 50" or longer) can even be wrapped around your head and tied into a turban headband with a twist in the front. This style is a gorgeous fashion statement and as well, you can get a turban headband that fits you perfectly, as loose or as tight as you want! View our tutorial on how to tie a scarf headband into a turban headband.


Stylish Looks with Cotton Scarf Headbands

Wear these cotton head scarves
dressy, with the tails tied at the

Double up your head scarf for a
narrower look, and let the tails
peek out from one side.

Pull some hairs though at the
front for a soft, tousled look
that frames your face.

We hope these model shots here show you how you can really add fashion to your hair with these headband scarves. They're perfect for virtually any occasion -- whether you're headed out to a day at the beach, a dressy evening out, or brunch with your friends! See what's currently available to buy online in each of these styles below:

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