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How to Fix Frizzy Hair on your next Beach Vacation!

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Summer's finally here and that means it's time to head to the beach for a relaxing vacation! Most women know that with the fantastic beach weather comes a great deal of humidity, which can lead to frizzy and unruly hair. If you're planning a beach vacation this season, check out these top 5 hair tips for dealing with frizz and humidity so your hair will look perfect all summer long despite the weather!

1. Braid It

An excellent way to keep your hair looking great after a long day at the beach is by applying a medium hold gel, french braiding it in the morning, and then unraveling it later in the day to reveal pretty waves. If you're taking out the braid and your hair is still damp, you may want to run a hairdryer over it for a minute or two to really lock in the curl. Keep in mind that you want to start your braid at the crown of your head as high as possible in order to give your look some volume. If you want even more volume, backcomb your hair a bit at the crown after removing the braid, and then finish it off with a light hairspray.

2. Buns

Putting your hair up in a simple bun is also a terrific way to keep your hair tame and looking beautiful this summer. Before your day at the beach and before heading out to enjoy the area's nightlife, apply a generous amount of leave in conditioner onto your strands, gather all of your hair at the top of your head and put it in a bun as high as you can. You'll want to wrap the hair around in a circular and twisting motion and then secure it with an elastic band before letting it dry throughout the day. Just before heading out for the night, let the bun down, lightly scrunch your hair or dry it for just a few minutes with a diffuser to give you some gorgeous beachy waves.

3. Headbands

Another fantastic way to keep your hair looking its best on your summer vacation is with the use of some headbands. There are all kinds of women's headbands available that will give you a pretty summertime look while taming frizzy hair. You may want to try a wide band headband for more control or a bandana headband for ultimate coverage. Stylish Mode has all kinds of headbands to help you look your best. See the entire collection of headbands here.

4. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

During the summer you want to wash your hair less frequently than normal in order to keep the frizz down. This is because the natural oils produced by our scalps are effective frizz fighters. If your hair starts to feel a bit oily between washes, just spray on a dry shampoo to soak up some of the oil until you can wash it again. If you absolutely must wet your hair down, try conditioning only and skipping the shampoo.

5. Avoid Towel Drying

Did you know that drying your hair with a towel can lead to even more frizz? Well, it's true. Since towel drying your hair actually creates frizz, it's recommended you swap out your terry cloth towel with a highly absorbent microfiber towel to gently soak up any moisture. Make sure you're not rubbing your head with the towel as this will create even more frizz that will be hard to control once you go to style your hair. If you must use a towel, just lightly press your hair between the towel's layers to remove the wetness, rather than rubbing.

Women everywhere know that the last thing you want to do while on vacation is worry about your hair or makeup. Hopefully these 5 tips have helped you find the best ways to deal with frizzy hair so you look fabulous the entire time you're on your next beach vacation!

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