Messy Bun Tutorials

Messy Bun Tutorials
A Curated Collection of Favorite Videos from the Web!

I always go for the messy look, even when I style my hair fresh, so when I started doing messy buns, it was instantly my go to hairstyle. Like a good lasagna, it gets better every day!  Perfect on second day hair, and third too, if you’re lucky enough to go that long.

Here’s some of my favorite messy bun tutorials. I picked these as my fav’s since I sort of do a mix of all three. You’ll probably do the same too, and between all three videos, find a process that works for you perfectly. Enjoy!



Roxxaurus on her youtube channel shows us a messy bun tutorial on really long hair. No teasing too! From start to finish in around 5 min., she really makes it seem effortless!


Just a little variation, here’s a messy bun tutorial from MissAlex, who shows us how to get the look with long hair,  two elastics, and teasing. Check out MissAlex’s channel on youtube for more hairstyling tutorials, she’s got some fabulous ones!


Kate from the Small Thing’s Blog shows us how to get a messy bun with layered, medium length hair. She’s a hairdresser and really knows how to describe the steps, so you can understand them. Check out her blog, for all kinds of hair tutorials. Years ago I watched her bun tutorial using the two elastic method, and have been sporting that hairstyle ever since too!

The best thing about a messy bun is that it’s not meant to look totally styled in place, so it doesn’t take a lot of time.  If you’re away from home having a bad hair day, or tired of your hair falling in your face, it’s a really cute fast and easy hairstyle you can do anywhere in less than 5 min. Just be sure to add some elastics and bobby pins to your makeup bag!

See more headbands like Grace from www.wrinkledchiffon blog is styling at the top of this blog post.

How to Tie a Turban Headband

How to Tie a Turban Headband
Ever wondered how to tie a turban headband, and get that glamorous look with a twist in the front? Here’s how!

  • Find a long scarf or stretchy tie on headband
  • Fold it in half, and locate the center point
  • Place the center at the back of your head
  • Bring the ends forward and twist or knot them either front center, or off to one side
  • Take the loose ends and bring them towards the back of your neck, then just tuck them in, or knot them.


Watch our video to learn these details live, and be sure to check out our Stretchy Headband Scarves.



When you tie a turban headband, we recommend always using a stretchy headband or scarf, so you can really get that perfectly streamlined feel that’s shaped to fit your own head.  Select one at least 54″ or longer too if you want to be able to tie the tails at the back, rather than tuck them in.

You’ll love this ultra chic, new way to wear your headband scarves, and take them from this:

Stretchy Burgundy Scarf Headbandto this!!

Burgundy Scarf Headband

How to Wear Fabric Headbands

How to Wear Fabric Headbands
Ever wondered how to wear fabric headbands, and get them to look just right?

Here are some helpful tips on how to wear fabric headbands with elastic at the back, a style that’s just right for everyday wear!

  • Style your hair as usual
  • Put your fabric headband around your neck, ensuring the elastic is centered at the back
  • Slide your headband up and over your forehead … slowly does it!
  • Fluff up your hairstyle however you like, and tease your hair at the crown if you want added volume
  • You can wear these headbands over your ears too, it’s all up to you. Just pull down lightly at the back elastic, to adjust it if you want.



Check out the video which shows more detailed info on how to wear fabric headbands, and view our current selections of 2″ headbands too, like she’s wearing!


How To Measure Your Head for Wearing Headbands

Measuring your head for headbands

Measuring your head for wearing headbands is as easy as one to three!

  • 1. Find a tape measure and if you don’t have one, just use string and a ruler.
  • 2. Wrap it around your head, about where the middle of your headband will rest. Don’t pull it too tight, just the go for the same snug yet comfy fit you’re looking for in your headband.
  • 3. Once you’ve found your circumference, it doesn’t hurt to measure again to ensure it’s correct.

Easy, peasy, 1, 2, 3!

As long as you know how to measure your head for wearing headbands, you’re well on the way to finding a headband that fits perfectly.

At Stylish Mode we list all measurements in every headband listing, so you can be sure you’re within the range for an excellent fit!