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Wide Headbands - 3"

Wide headbands in lots of styles from subtle to bold! Women's patterned headbands in delightful printed fabrics, and solid colors too for endless wardrobe options. This big, wide style is the best for women with lots of long, thick hair, or maybe you just love the fashionable look of really wide fabric headbands in your hair. More Style. More Fashion! Made from designer cotton fabrics with bold color that stands out! Check out our current selection of wide headbands below:

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  • Pink & Brown Floral Headband

    A Floral Affair, Wide Pink & Brown Headband

    There's something we find simply enchanting about this wide headband, from every angle. Maybe it's the flowers and their delicate, pretty look. Possibly it's the shade of pink, like yummy cupcakes. This wide pink and brown...

  • Argyle Headband

    All About Argyle, Wide Headband

    Wide argyle headband that's beautiful on its own and in brown and black, it's perfect for mixing and matching. Fun and light-hearted, this wide fabric headband is as cute as it is practical!   Fabric content:...

  • Funky Navy Blue Headband

    All Dressed up & Ready to Go, Wide Navy Headband

    You'll be the belle of the ball with this wide headband! Made with designer cotton fabric, its got a dynamite circles print that's a real head-turner. There's something unique about the circles. Maybe its the hint of retro,...

  • Wide Solid Black Headband

    Black to Basics, Wide Headband

    A breeze to wear and so convenient too, since it goes with with everything. Made with designer fabric, 100% cotton, for color that lasts. This wide solid black headband holds your hair back day or night. Dressy or casual...

  • Women's Wide Headband - Blue

    Blue Moroccan Charm, Wide Headband

    Wide headband boldly patterned with morrocan print fabric, and tons of intricate details. It's a fashion original! We love this wide headband and the colorful combination of turquoise blue and navy, that's simply enchanting!...

  • Stylish Headband

    Celebration of Botanical, Wide Headband

    Wide headband that's a beautiful basic all on its own, with a leafy print that "pops" out from the black background. Wherever and whenever you need it, this stylish headband keeps your hair held back in seconds! Fabric...

  • Bright Orange Headband

    Cool as a Creamsicle, Wide Orange Headband

    Cool luscious citrus colors, with bold strokes of mouthwatering shades. This wide orange headband has a welcoming glow, and is nothing short of color excitement! Hot colors! Cool sophistication!   Fabric content:...

  • Headband for  Work

    Day at the Office, Wide Blue Headband

    Wide blue headband and perfectly polished for a day at the office, in stylish pinstriping that's pleasing on the eyes. Saving time in the mornings is easier than you think with this headband for work. An easy fix for holding...

  • Women's Patterned Headband - Blue

    Exotic in Ikat, Wide Patterned Headband

    A vivid accent with a lively look, this wide patterned headband is color excitement! Bold details like never before and a unique blue ikat print that's drenched in exotic, ethnic flair. Made from designer cotton fabric too,...

  • Wide Royal Blue Headband

    Feeling Royal, Wide Blue Headband

    True-blue glamour, and a delightful shade we don't see very often! From our everyday wear collection, this wide royal blue headband is made from designer fabric, 100% cotton.  Wide for added flair, it's a simple yet...

  • Blue Polka Dot Headband

    Flair for the Fifties, Wide Polka Dot Headband

    You'll love this blue polka dot headband, and the wonderful way to have some fun! With 50s flair, it's a fabulous wide headband for adding a little fun, fancy touch to your favorite hairstyles.   Fabric content:...

  • Green Chevron Headband

    Fun with Chevron, Wide Green Headband

    Green chevron headband with a delightfully festive look that really catches your eye. Extra wide too, just because we love the added flair. This wide green headband is a wonderful way to dress up your hair and create fun...

  • Gray Headband for Women

    Gray Mosaic Wide Headband

    Wide gray headband boasting natural charm, and beautiful earthy toned colors that are a dream for mixing and matching! Stylish from every angle, this gray headband is patterned with splashes of brown too, as well as gray. A...

  • Hair that Shines like a Diamond, Wide Red Headband

    Hair that Shines like a Diamond, Wide Red Headband

    Shimmer and shine with this dazzling wide red headband that's nothing short of spectacular! In fact, we've never seen geometric patterned fabric that compares to this level of awesomeness, in both color and detail. ...

  • Colorful Headband

    Hip to be Square, Wide Mustard Yellow Headband

    Wide design, and a colorblock of squares featuring the warmest, most delightful earthy tones imagineable. Reminding us of Africa and the abundance of beautifully rich, golden colors. This wide colorful headband is a striking...

  • Gray Ikat Headband

    Ikat-Ching Wide Headband

    There's something about the look of a modern ikat print that's so eye-catching! We've made this gray ikat headband from designer fabric hot off the press, that boasts a beautiful display of mellow, sun-washed colors. Infused...

  • Wide Black & White Headband

    In Black & White, Wide Headband

    Wide headband in black and white and a sleek, simple and stylish design that looks too good to be so practical! Subtle splashes of white bamboo details add that unique touch that sets it apart from usual solid black hair...

  • Wide Lime Green  Headband

    In the Lime Light, Wide Green Headband

    Wide design, and a light splash of citris color, patterned with tiny squares. This wide lime green headband boasts a fabulous cool, subtle color that's so easy on the eyes!   Fabric content: cotton Width: approx...

  • Solid Navy Headband

    In the Navy, Wide Headband

    Solid navy wide headband with a smart, polished look that's a really stylish alternative to black. Rich, deep dark color and made from 100% cotton, designer fabric. In one solid color, it's a fabulous wide headband for...

  • Wide Colorful Headband

    It's all in the Details, Wide Blue & Brown Headband

    Wide colorful headband with dazzling detail and color that "pops" out. With splashes of blue and green on brown, this wide headband is a fabulous new way to accessorize your favorite solid tops and jeans!   Fabric...

  • Wide Blue Headbands for Women

    It's Hip to be Retro, Wide Blue Headband

    Retro headband that's simply spellbinding with color! Made with designer fabric and retro patterned with a 70s print, this wide headband is a beautiful bold fusion of color and style!   Fabric content: 100%...

  • Wide African Print Headband

    Luxurious Glints of Gold, Wide African Print Headband

    Wide African Print Headband glistening with dazzling details! Made with designer fabric, it's one of the nicest African prints we've seen yet. Distinctive accents of rich, deep dark burgundy with decorations of gold, for...

  • Wide Navy Polka Dot Headband

    Midnight Navy, Wide Polka Dot Headband

    Wide polka dot headband in midnight navy ... so deep and dark it's a fabulous alternative to wearing black. Polka dots are always fun, and these wide fabric headbands have a totally cheerful, charming look. Jumbo size polka...

  • Solid Brown Headband

    Mocha Moments, Wide Brown Headband

    Solid brown headband in rich and smooth mocha brown, perfect for pairing with your favorite patterned tops. Made with designer fabric, 100% cotton, these solid hair accessories are versatile headbands for women you'll want...

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