Stylish Mode fabric headbands, thick, stretchy headbands and head scarves are in the news! From Woman's World Magazine to on-the-go mommy bloggers and website owners, our fabric products stand the test!

Check out their favorite accessories and why they made the cut!

Stylish Mode Key Fobs - Magazine Feature

Woman's World Magazine Fashion Feature for Stylish Mode Wrist Keychains
Womans World Magazine
Some of our black & white wrist keychains are shown here in a fashion spread on classic black and white trends in 2009.
Check out our Key Fob-Key Chains for fabulous prints and colors to style it yours!

Stylish Mode Headbands on Blogs & Websites

Momma In Flip Flops - Headband Review
Momma in Flip Flops
"... they have a been staple for my daily routine. I have a lot of front layers still and big side bangs ... I put on one of my fabric headbands and it keeps my hair back while still being stylish, even when I'm not feeling so stylish.
Glimpse - Headband Review
A Nation of Moms
"... It is soooo cute and holds my hair back GREAT ... After teaching her hot yoga classes with this headband, she was excited, because it stayed put ~ both her hair and her headband! Quite impressed, she continues to use it as she teaches!
Glimpse - Headband Review
"... I love them. They're really quick to put on, they look great, and they are incredibly comfortable as well! ... I also tried a 2-Inch Wide Headband ... These are a sleek, middle-of-the-road headband that is incredibly versatile! ..."
Read more of Glimpse's Review of our headbands!
The Bragging Mommy - Headband Feature
The Bragging Mommy
"They have some super cute fashion headbands, and also offer hairwraps in many different sizes ... My favorites were the skinny headbands that just go around your head ..."
Read more of The Bragging Mommy's Review of our headbands!
Posh Mom Diary - Several Product Feature
The Diary of a Posh Mom
"I was floored when I received my package and put the headbands on..."
Babes in Hairland - Bandana Headband Feature
Babes in Hairland
"With summer on its way, these are wonderful to keep your hair back, or if you're having a bad hair day, they can hide that too..."
Thunder Rose Alley - Motorcycle Bandana Feature
Thunder Rose Alley
"Motorcycle bandana, headband, head wrap, whatever you call it, we love 'em!..."
Thunder Rose Alley did a fabulous write-up about our Bandana Head Scarves!
Sweetwater Lane Blog - Headband Review
Sweet Water Lane Blog
"Ok, I have to say I am a headband junkie, I have a ton of curly hair and some days the only thing that saves my hair from a bic razor is a super comfortable headband. So I have to say I love this store..."
Soon to Be Wed Blog - Headband Review
Soon to Be Wed Blog
This bride-to-be was considering a green, black and white damask theme and featured our Black Damask Headband as one of her accessories! We were honored!
Read Soon To Be Wed's review. We're sold out of the headband she reviewed, but there's lots more in our All Fabric Headbands category!
This Next - Headband Review
This Next
"Stylish Mode's handmade headbands are durable, with heavy and thick fabric and sturdy stitching. This product will last. They keep my hair back as well. They really hug my head and I don't have to worry about my hair falling back in my face..."
Read more of This Next's review of our headbands!
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