Active Headbands for the Yogi, Hiker, & Runner

Headbands are a must for the active person. It's a great way to look stylish while being active, but it is also practical as it keeps flyaways in check. Available in a variety of styles ranging from tropical florals to vintage designs and chic modern solids, you can create different looks that fit your vibe. We recommend our stretch collection as your go-to active headband since they are machine washable for when you are breaking a sweat. We compiled different activities highlighting why a sports headband should be your next purchase.

Stretchy Headbands for The Yogi

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Finding the time to go to a yoga class is half the struggle. Dealing with hair in your face as you go from a seated pose to an inversion back to a standing pose can interfere with your concentration and ultimately your performance. For this reason, we recommend non-slip headbands that are washable and comfortable. This collection of women's headbands are non-slip as they fit snug around your head as a result of the stretchy material. Power through your next yoga session with the confidence that your hair won't get in the way of your performance while looking stylish.

Stretchy Headbands for The Hiker

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Rarely does someone say no to a day of hiking. It is both refreshing and soothing for the soul. That is why hiking is a favorite activity for many. Getting prepared for a hike can go many ways depending on the weather and intensity of the hike. However, one thing you can never go wrong with is a stretchy headband. At Stylish Mode we offer a beautiful selection of machine washable stretchy headbands. So gear up for your next adventure with a great selection of active headbands online at Stylish Mode. Timeless options like the bands pictured offer functionality in action while their tonal design and variety of colors give a unique look that lets you stand out.

Stretchy Headband - Black & WhiteTie Dye Headband - Womens, RedBlue Aztec Headband

Stretchy Headbands for The Runner

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Are you a runner who cares about their style and practicality? Do you buy your activewear with both those points in mind? Practicality without style is a bore to you and style without practicality is irritating as you have to constantly be thinking about the style just for the purpose of the style. Stylish Mode is a five star rated headband store that offers you both practicality and style with the many options of headbands. Allow stretchy headbands to replace outdated sweatbands or over priced sports headbands. We would like you to Browse through our wide selection of stretchy headbands for a piece that suits your active. The colors are vibrant and hold up well whether you are rocking short hair, bangs or long, flowy hair.

Women's Black & White Yoga HeadbandStretchy Houndstooth HeadbandStretchy Headband - Pink