Choose the Best Black Headband For You

Every woman needs a basic black headband that goes with everything! Here are some of the popular styles of black headbands for sale here at Stylish Mode:

Solid Black Stretchy Headband

This black headband is made with stretchy fabric, and wide enough in the front to cover your forehead and keep your hair in place. 

The sides of the bands are lightly tapered to provide a snug non-slip fit, and the back features a small strip of stretchy elastic which gives it even more elasticity and flexibility.

They pair well with casual outfits or athletic apparel and are comfortable enough for all day wear.

Solid Black Headwrap

While our stretchy black headbands above go well with active wear, our solid black headwraps go with everything!

They're even wider than the style described above, and a "six-way" style. You can wear it like a stretchy bandana headband, scrunched up like a sleek classic headband, or as a trendy turban headband with the knot facing the front or side for a cute bow effect.

This extra wide, thick style should be considered a wardrobe staple!

Solid Black Fabric Headband - Cotton

This simple black fabric headband is about 2" in width, for a look you can wear every day of the week. Dress it up or dress it down too!

It's also quite comfortable as it's made out of 100% cotton, designer fabric. The cotton fabric itself is not stretchy, it's the small strip of fabric covered elastic at the back which gives it stretch, and keeps it securely in place.

Wide Black Headband - Cotton

Our wide black headband is about 3 inches in width, and made from 100% designer cotton fabric. Like the 2" version, this headband is made from non-stretchy cotton fabric, with a small strip of fabric covered elastic at the back.

The width of these bands make them the perfect choice for women who have curly or thick hair who want to add a little style to their daily hairdos.

They're also excellent fashion headbands for wearing with a trendy updo.

Black Scarf Headband

Is it a scarf? Is it a headband? It's both! Women everywhere love our black scarf headbands as they're an easy way to add a bit of chic style to any outfit.

You can wear them headband scarf style with the tails dangling under your hair, tie them in a long floppy bow, or double them up to create your own style. See our picture gallery page for more ways to wear these scarf headbands!

Solid Black Bandana Headband

These black bandana headbands are a full coverage style. An ideal choice for women on the go for a fast and easy hairstyle, or to cover thinning hair or hair loss. Wear them covering your hair, or scrunch them up like a wide headband.

Headbands are an excellent way to mix up your daily hairstyles, accent your entire outfit, and keep your hair out of your face. Why do we need black headbands? The color is simply classic and goes with just about everything! Here are just a few more tips on how you can go about choosing the best one for you.


You'll definitely need to consider the texture of your headband and what material it's made of. Keep in mind that soft headbands, or soft materials, are generally recommended in order to avoid headaches and discomfort.


When picking out the perfect black headband, you should really think about where you plan to wear it. Do you want a headband that's ideal for yoga or spinning sessions? If so, maybe you prefer a sporty style. Perhaps you don't necessarily need a sporty headband and instead you just want some hair accessories just to accent your outfits. If this is the case, you may want to go with something dressier. It's important to know what look you're after.


If you have wild and frizzy hair, a wide stretchy headband is recommended for taming your locks when you just don't have time to style your hair. If you need a headband to take care of second day hair, it's best to choose our Solid Black Headwrap. It's so extra wide it'll quickly cover your head and keep all of your hair in check.

Feel free to contact us if you need help selecting a headband that best fits your style and needs.