Headband Storage, Organized by Style, Fabric, & Budget

We at StylishMode.com know you love your headbands - we love them too! It’s why we’ve been designing and making them since 2007. Our headbands are made to last - so your collection of cotton and stretchy headbands will stay yours for years to come.

However, if you’re like us, then you might be starting to consider how to store your headbands, other than just stuffing them in your closet. Improper storage won’t necessarily be detrimental to the lifespan of your headbands, but it can definitely affect their ease of application. Bandana headbands, and other wide headbands, can be a quick solution for a bad hair day so long as they’re not crumpled up in a wrinkled ball in your sock drawer.

So let’s take a look at some novel approaches to headband storage, and find out which methods of storage are best for each type of headband.

Fast and Easy Storage

This repurposed IKEA storage solution came to us via Rebecca Erwin’s Pinterest. Simply screw one of their inexpensive metal bins to the wall, and you have the perfect storage for both stretchy and cotton headbands. You can wrap the headbands that need to maintain their shapes around the bin (like cotton or beaded headbands), and place everything else inside of the bin. This idea is perfect for college students or anyone else with limited space and budget. Thanks Rebecca!

Fancy and Fashionable Storage

If you’re looking for a more refined, decorative way to store your headbands, we would definitely recommend the Etsy seller ThreeRosesbyEmma. Not only do they have a large variety of styles to choose from, but their wares are handmade in the USA! Another plus-side to these headband holders is how you can wrap your headbands around the holder or place them inside - hiding the contents with a fun and functional lid. However, since this holder is vertical, you wouldn’t be able to wrap cotton headbands around the outside without them sagging to the bottom. Still - as long as they’re not too delicate or decorated - you can fold those up carefully and place inside the headband holder.

Free and Ridiculously Easy Storage

If you’re only goal is to easily store your headbands so they maintain shape and quality, all that you really need is a few towels and a shoebox or empty drawer. Simply roll up your towel to the desired width and voila! If you have delicate decorations on your headbands, this actually might be your best bet.

So there you go! Three ways to store your Stylish Mode headbands. We’re always looking for new ideas, so feel free to contact us and send us your ideas!